The Truth About Babies 


The Truth About Babies reveals 101 beautifully illustrated facts that all new parents should know.

  • Breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t take iron supplements as it will make their babies magnetic.
  • Adults who were born by caesarian section cannot complete
    escape rooms.
  • All babies are born psychic, but this diminishes with age until some become negatively psychic and grow up to practise as psychics.
  • “Baby brain” makes many women forget how forgetful they were before they had children.
  • The happiness of all children depends on how much their mothers spend on baby books.
  • Expectant fathers love nothing more than reading books about babies – specifically, this one.

From family planning, pregnancy and childbirth to parenting infants,
The Truth About Babies reveals 101 humorous facts about babies you would never believe. Or should believe.

“I’ve learned so much about motherhood from this book.”
– Mother Therese

Winner: 2021 Pink Pacifier
North American Parental Preparation Institute (NAPPI)

The Truth About Babies will be published on 29 October 2021 and available through Amazon, Apple and Google, and direct from Control Publishing by clicking Buy Now below.

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